Networkable Addressable Fire Alarm Panel ZFP


Context Plus ZFP range is a fire panel that is touchscreen-controlled, a breeze to install, provides clear and constant feedback on all aspects of system activity and is fully compliant with all relevant standards. The ZFP – a powerful, intuitive and feature-rich range of 1 to 8 loop addressable fire panels from Context Plus.

  • Third-party certified to EN54 parts 2 and 4 by lntertek
  • Communication protocal – Apollo XP95/Discovery
  • Full compactibility with the Context Plus range of fire detectors, call points, sounders, becons and control modules.
  • Three cabinet sizes – standard (1,2 or 4 loops), medium (2,4,6 or 8 loops) and large (2,4,6 or 8 loops)
  • Full colour LCD touchscreen with an intuitive interface & digital QWERTY keyboard (touchscreen can be fully customised with a company logo)
  • Secure fault tolerant network (needs separate network driver PCB) Up to 128 peer to peer node capacity (64 panels plus up to 64 Compact Controllers/Repeaters
  • Very flexible cause and effects
  • Wide range of Switch & Indicator modules c/w slide-in lables for straightforward customisation.(Common word processor templates available online)
  • Multiple “A-Bus” peripherals (1/0 Units, Relays, Sounder Extender Cards, Conventional Zone Cards, etc)
  • Programmable via galvanically isolated USB port
  • Up to 200 separate zonal LEDs per panel (100 on standard sized cabinets).
  • 10,000 programmable and inficatable detection zones. Up to 38 characters of custom text per loop device.
  • Wide range of supported languages.
  • Emailable firmware updates (no flash programmer required) 20,000+ event memory (filterable by fire, fault and date) Automatic daylight saving (BST/GMT)
  • 4 programmable operational modes.
  • Optional thermal printer with front-loading paper. PC logging option for end-user.
  • 4 GB Micro SD memory simplifies off-site configuration. Well-designed metal cabinets aid installation.
  • 20-way heavy duty brass earth bar(s) as standard
  • 72-hour standby (plus 30 min alarm) in standard cabinets. Powerful engineering and commisioning functions including ‘SafeMode’, ‘DeviceManager’ and more.
  • Powerful and intuitive PC programming tools. Optional graphical interface solutions.
  • Up to 18Ah batteries in standard cabinets, 38Ah in larger cabinets.
Mains Supply Operating Voltage
230VAC ± 10% 50/60Hz 810mA max.
Rated Current
810mA Max (Standard cabinet ZFPs; 1.35A Max (Medium & Large Cabinet ZFPs)
Mains Supply Operating Voltage
5A (Standard cabinet ZFPs); 5A(Medium & Large Cabinet)
Max. Continuous Output current (incl. charging)
5A (Standard cabinet ZFPs); 5A(Medium & Large Cabinet)
Max. VRLA Battery Size and Type
2 x 12V 18Ah (Standard cabinet ZFPs); 2 x 12V 38Ah (Medium & Large Cabinet)


Number of loops
1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 dependent on model
Max. Output Current per Loop
500mA (Voltage: 25V min; 34V max)
Communication Protocol
Context Plus XP95 (max. 127 addressable devices per loop)
Type of Cable/Max. cable length per loop
Fire resistant screened, up to 2.5mm2 /1KM max length
Max. allowable loop impedance/capacitance
20 ohm (each conductor)
Max. cable capacitance .27uF


Number/Type of Conventional Sounder Circuits
2 x 1A output. Protected by resettable overload circuit 19.5V min; 28V max.
Output Voltage
19.5V minimum, 28V maximum
Type of Cable/Max. cable length per loop
Fire resistant screened, up to 2.5mm2 /1KM max length


Numbers of Auxiliary Inputs
2 (Connect to 0V to trigger, Max. input voltage 27VDC non-latching).
EOL resistor value (supplied)
6800 ohm, 5%Tol, 0.25W 6800 ohm, 5% tolerance, 0.25W
Trigger Resistor (supplied) 470R, 0.25W


Number of Relay Outputs
2 x programmable auxiliary relays; 1 x failsafe fault relay; 1 x 24VDC auxiliary power output
Relay Type & Outputs
1A, 30VDC (maximum). Voltage free, single pole changeover
Fault Relay
Active when faults are present or on total power failure
24VDC Auxiliary Power Output
19.5V minimum, 28V maximum. Max current 100mA


Standard Provision
All models include a Z41 Control module which comprises a full colour 4.3” touchscreen.
All mandatory EN54 indicators, 3 spare LEDs & a keyswitch allowing access to AL2
Zonal Indicators
Up to 200 programmable LEDs available via Switch & Indicator expansion modules cabinets);
Switches & Onboard Printers
Multiple switch & printer configs available via Switch & Indicator expansion modules
Switch & Indicator Module Capacity
2 (standard cabinets); 4 (medium cabinets); 6 (large cabinets). 1 x Z41 req. per panel


On-Board Serial Printer (Optional) 1 x RS232 connector
Pager/DECT Interface 1 x RS232 connector
1 x RS485 connector (hi-intergrity fault-tolerant)
Peripheral Bus (A-Bus)
1 x RS485 connector. Allows the connection of up to 15 A-Bus PCBs.
Wiring requirements = 2 core plus screen plus 2 core for power.
PC Interface
Galvanically isolated USB connector (provided on the Z41 Control/Display module)


Network Type
1 x RS485 connector (hi-intergrity fault-tolerant, ring wired). 1xZHN PCB required per networked panel
Maximum no. of Network Nodes
128 (up to 64 x 8 loop panels and 64 x compact controllers)
Type of Cable/ Max. Cable Length
Fire resistant screened, up to 2.5mm2 /1KM between nodes; 128KM (max network length)
Network Wiring
Fire resistant screened cable, up to 2.5mm2
Events (Fires, Faults, Disablements, Tests) & Actions (Silence/Resound Sounders, Reset) can be accepted over the network. Zones, Input & Output Groups, etc cab be shared over the network


Finish & IP Rating
Light Grey texture (RAL7035) epoxy. Mild steel. Zintec 1.2mm
Operating Temperature/Humidity
-5°C to + 40°C / 5% to 95% R.H non condensing
Dimension (H x W x D) mm
462 x 450 x 200 (Standard); 720 x 450 x 200 (Medium); 960 x 450 x 200 (Large); 178 x 214 (Compact Controller)

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