Networkable Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Panel XFP


Context Plus’s XFP range of networkable analogue addressable fire panels offer high performance at a competitive price.

Certified to the latest versions of EN54 parts 2 & 4 by the Loss Prevention Certification Board, two versions are available – a cost-effective single loop 16 zone panel in a plastic enclosure and a robust 1 or 2 loop 32 zone metal panel.

Ideal for use in office blocks, shopping complexes and big industrial sites as well as smaller stand-alone applications, both versions offer an array of user and installer-friendly features, including:-

  • Full compatibility with Apollo’s XP95/Discovery and Hochiki’s ESP protocols
  • The ability to interconnect up to eight XFP main panels (any variant) onto a two wire RS485 network. Alternatively, up to eight XFP repeaters can be connected to a non-networked XFP main panel
  • Combined keypad / keyswitch entry to Access Levels 2 & 3
  • Two independently programmable conventional sounder circuits
  • Two programmable inputs
  • A fault output relay and three programmable relay outputs with voltage free changeover contacts
  • Three zone dependency functions (A, B & C to EN54-2 Clause 7.12) A day/night (building occupied/unoccupied) function
  • An investigation delay period function
  • Individual sensitivity settings for each device
  • A phased evacuation and delays to outputs facility (to EN54-2 Clause 7.11)
  • An alarm counter that records the number of times the panel has been in an alarm state (to EN54-2 Clause 7.13)
  • Powerful short circuit protected loop drivers, capable of supporting up to 40 loop
  • powered 10mA sounders per loop
  • An integral EN54-4/A2 switch mode PSU rated @ 185-260V a.c. 50/60Hz (1.4A on a 16 zone panel, 3A on a 32 zone panel)
  • Earth fault monitoring
  • An easy to read, 80 character back-lit display
  • 40 characters of custom text per device
  • 999 event monitoring
  • Comprehensive test facilities (to EN54-2 Clause 10) and a wide range of maintenance & commissioning functions including auto-learn loops, monitor a point, test outputs, one man walk test and loop continuity test
  • An intuitive Windows based upload-download PC program that allows the system to be programmed quickly and easily
  • Full compatibility with Context Plus’ Hush Button fire alarm solution for houses of multiple occupation
  • Optional flush-mounting stainless steel enclosures available (for 32 zone XFP panels only)
Power Supply Specification SINGLE LOOP 16 ZONE XFP PANELS XFP501E/X; XFP501E/H
Mains supply 230V a.c. ± 10% 50/60Hz. Max current 350mA
230V a.± 10% 50/60Hz. Max current 680mA
Internal power supply 27V d.c Nominal 27V d.c Nominal
Total output current limited to 1.4A @ 230V a.c. 3A @ 230 V a.c.
Power rating Imax. a = 210mA; Imin. = 40mA
Imax. a = 250mA (1 loop) 270mA (2 loop); Imin. = 70mA
Maximum internal resistance Ri max. - 1.1Ω Ri max. - 1.1Ω
Supply and battery charger monitored for failure arge Yes Yes
Batteries monitored for disconnection and failure Yes Yes
Batteries protected against deep disch Yes Yes
Max. battery size and type 3.2 Ahr VRLA 7.0 Ahr VRLA
Specified batteries for LPCB approved systems 2 x Yuasa NP3.2-12 2 x Yuasa NP7-12
Quiescent current drain < 50mA (1 loop unloaded)
< 80mA (1 loop unloaded); <100mA (2 loops unloaded)
Earth fault monitoring Yes (any conductor)
Yes (any conductor)
Temperature compensated charging Yes Yes
Loop Driver Specification
Number of loop drivers 1
1 (XFP501/X ; XFP501/H); 2 (XFP502/X, XFP502/H)
Line monitored for open and short circuit faults Yes Yes
Onboard loop isolators with LED indication when active Yes Yes
Auto-polling from each loop end Yes Yes
Max. loop output current 500mA (Voltage: 25V min, 34V max)
500mA (Voltage: 25V min, 34V max)
Max. number of addressable devices per loop 126 126
Max. number of loop powered sounders per loop @ 10mA 40 40
Number of programmable sounder groups 16 16
Number of programmable output sets 16 16
Conventional Sounder Circuit Specification
Number of programmable circuits 2 2
End of line resistor value 6800 Ω 5% Tol. 0.25 W 6800 Ω 5% Tol. 0.25 W
Line monitored for open and short circuit faults Yes Yes
Outputs fused at 400mA. Protected by resettable overload circuit
400mA. Protected by resettable overload circuit
Output voltage 19.5V minimum; 28V maximum
19.5V minimum; 28V maximum
Max. number of sounders @ 20mA 40 80
Auxiliary Outputs
Relay voltage free single pole changeover
Max switching current 1A
Max switching voltage 30 V d.c
Relay 1/ Relay 2 / Relay 3
Programmed from cause and effect
Active when no faults are present
‘24V’ Aux Power Output
19.5V min, 28V max. Max current 100mA. Protected by resettable overload circuit
Auxiliary Inputs
Input 1
Connect to 0V to trigger. Max input voltage 27V d.c. (non-latching). Programmable from cause and effect.
Input 2
Connect to 0V to trigger. Max input voltage 27V d.c (non-latching). Programmable from cause and effect.
Fuses (to IEC – EN60127 Pt2)
Mains Fuse 1A HRC Ceramic 20mm
1A HRC Ceramic 20mm
Battery Fuse – limits the current drawn from the battery 1.6A F 20mm 3.15A F 20mm
Panel Indicators and Controls
Keyswitch Plastic key operated
Metal key operated
Control buttons Silence, Reset, Resound, Investigate; More Information; Menu
Event scrolling and menu access buttons Up (1); Down (2); Accept (3); Abort (4)
Liquid Crystal Display Two lines x 40 characters, backlit
Number of Zonal LED indicators 16 32
Other LED indicators General Fire, System Energised; Pre-Alarm; Remote Output Activated; Menus Accessed; Disablement;
Test; Remote Output Disabled; Silenced; General Fault; System Fault;
Physical Dimensions
Approx. dimensions of back box (W x H x D) 380 x 235 x 77mm (plastic). Includes ‘lip’.
410 x 250 x 80mm (metal)
Approx. dimensions of lid (W x H x D) 380 x 235 x 16mm (plastic)
439 x 274 x 7mm (metal)
Approx. weight (without batteries) 1.8Kg 4.5kg
Cabling Requirements
Type of cable
Fire resistant screened cable, minimum size 1mm2
Max. cable length per loop 1km
Connector blocks
Plug-on type, largest acceptable conductor size 1.5mm2
Max. allowable loop impedance (each conductor) 20 Ω
Max. cable capacitance .27μF
Network Specification
Connection Via CFP761 network driver card fitted at main panel
Via AFP711 network driver card fitted at main panel
Max. no. of main panels per network 8 8
Max. no of repeaters per non-networked main panel 8 8
Max. cable length per network 1km (main panel network); 500m (repeater network)
1km (main panel network); 500m (repeater network)
PC/Printer Interface
PC connection Via main panel RS232 molex connector (lead supplied in XFP507 upload/download software kit)
Printer connection Not applicable
Via main panel RS232 connector block.
Operating conditions
The components are selected to operate within their specification when the environmental conditions outside the enclosure comply with class 3k5 of IEC 721-3-3 : 1978. Temperature range:- -5 to +40oC. Maximum relative humidity: 95%

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