Wet Chemical Cylinder


DEMCO’s Wet Chemical Cylinder (Kitchenzon) is ideal for commercial kitchens that are designed extinguish fires using an environmentally friendly wet chemical extinguishing agent. The agent is ideal for fighting Class A, B and F fires, and does not damage or contaminate kitchen equipment.

Available in a wide range of cylinders, DEMCO’s Wet Chemical System is the cost efficient solution designed to provide total coverage of your kitchen equipment through an overlapping discharge pattern by the nozzles.

  • Filled with Ideal Agent to Fight Kitchen Fire
  • Mild Steel Material
  • Available in Various Sizes
  • Robust Design
  • Long-Lasting
Cylinder Size (L) 12L 15L 20L 30L
Diameter (mm) 180 180 255 255
Height (mm) 545 650 572 724
Material Mild Steel Mild Steel Mild Steel Mild Steel

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