Sounder Controller (Model 55000-8521IMC)


The Sounder Control Unit (55000-8521IMC) is used to control the operation of a zone of
externally powered conventional sounders and VADs to report their status to a DEMCO’s fire alarm control panel.

  • Allow sounders to be operated continuously or pulsed.
  • Opto-coupled input is provided to monitor the state of the external PSU.
  • Fitted with a bi-directional short-circuit isolator.
  • Monitor the presence and polarity of the external PSU.
  • Supplied with a backbox for surface mounting.
Min Loop in Operating Voltage 17V DC
Max Loop Operating Voltage 28V DC
Switch-On Surge, Max. 10ms 2.6mA
Quiescent 1.95mA
Operating Temperature –20°C to +70°C
Humidity (no condensation) 0–95% RH
IP rating 54
Dimensions of Sounder Control Unit (surface mount) 150 x 90 x 48 mm
Weight 240g

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