Solo Tester Kit (SOLO 911)


Solo equipment is available in a number of conveniently arranged kits. Whether your need is for a simple starter kit, a universal smoke testing kit, or an all encompassing kit including a heat detector tester, there is one available.

Larger kits are supplied with a purpose designed carry -bag / storage case, which holds all the tools an engineer needs for testing – not just practical, but also giving a professional image when arriving on site.

The Solo 911 is a universal set for testing and removing smoke detectors and heat detectors fitted up to 6 metres. The kit contains: Read More

SOLO 100 Telescopic Access Pole

  • Light – easy to use at height, on-site, day after day.
  • Non-whip – even at height
  • Certified non-conductive – protecting both the engineer and overhead live equipment from inadvertent shorts
  • Available in one, two or four telescopic sections
  • Lifetime Warranty

SOLO 200 Detector Removal Tool

  • Universal design – suits most detectors
  • Suitable for use on angled ceilings
  • Lightweight
  • Lifetime Warranty

SOLO 610 Protective Carrying/Storage Bag

For carrying Solo Head Units, Battery Batons, Battery Charger & Aerosol Cans

SOLO 365 Electronic Smoke Detector Tester (incl. SOLO 365, SOLO 370,  SOLO 371 & ES3)

  • Including Solo 365 Head Unit, Solo 370 Lithium-ion Battery Pack, Solo 371 Smoke Generator & ES3 Smoke Cartridge 
  • ‘Auto-start’ proximity sensor – faster testing, less smoke waste
  • Auto-LED torch – allows simple testing of detectors in dark areas
  • Slim-line design – easier access to detectors in confined spaces
  • Clearing mode – eliminates re-alarms, increasing productivity
  • Delayed start mode – for non-standard detectors and ASD systems

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