Single Strobe Light (Model D-134)


DEMCO’s Strobe Light D-134 is a versatile, compact ultra-bright that is designed ideally for fire, security and hazard warning.

The solid-state LED strobe light offers high intensity of illumination at very low consumption. The lens and base are designed using a high grade polycarbonate engineering plastic that has excellent resistance to impact and heat. D-134 is designed to work effectively with most detection systems incorporation central control equipment. It is ideal for low current applications such as battery powered alarm panels where back up battery power is dramatically reduced.

Dimensions (Diameter x Height) 82 x 55 mm
Lens Colour Red, Green
Base Colour White
Lens Material Polycarbonate
Base Material Polycarbonate
Operating Voltage 12V DC/ 24V DC
Operating Current 30mA
Input Power 2 Watt
Flashing Rate 90 Flash per Second @ 12V
120 Flash per Second @ 12V
Fixing Method Direct fixing using screws
Cable Routing Rear Entry

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