RadioLINK Panel Module (Ei413)


The Ei413 Panel Module provides an interface between an Ei Electronics RadioLINK system and a
security or fire panel system. A RadioLINK system consists of Ei Electronics Smoke, Heat, CO Alarms along with accessory devices that are linked using a proprietary RF protocol. The Ei413 must be coded to the other RadioLINK devices in the system.

The Ei413 requires an 11-30VDC supply which is normally taken from the panel. The Ei413 decodes “Fire”, “CO” and “Fault” signals from the RadioLINK devices and activates the relevant onboard relays. The relays are wired to input terminals on the panel. The NO voltage free contacts input and/or the DC voltage input, when activated, will result in the Ei413 transmitting a wireless Fire Alarm signal that will sound all the alarms in the RadioLINK system. These inputs are activated by a Fire Alarm signal or a Test Alarm signal from the panel.

The Ei413 uses RadioLINK multi-repeater, multi-path technology to deliver very robust and reliable RF signal coverage.

  • The Ei413 enables Wireless RadioLINK Smoke, Heat and CO Alarms to interface with panel system, e.g. security, & fire panels.
  • Powered by 11-30V DC from panel or external source.Three voltage free contacts outputs (NO & NC) for Fire Alarm, CO Alarm and Fault signals.
  • One voltage free contact input (NO) to trigger RadioLINK fire or test signal.
  • One 11- 30V DC input triggers RF fire or test signal.
  • In addition to panels the Ei413 can trigger modems, valves, magnetic door holders, etc.
  • RadioLINK multi-repeater and multi-path functionality.
  • RF performance to EN300 220-1 in accordance with EN300220-2
  • EMC performance to EN301 489-1 referencing EN301 489-3
  • Unique system coding feature
  • 5 year Guarantee
Power Required 11-30v DC (from panel)
Current Rating 15mA (Standby); 60mA (Alarm Max)
RF Range Over 100 meters in free space
RF Visual Indicator Blue light indicates RF activity
RF Frequency 868.499 MHz
RF Multi-repeater Module acts as an RF repeater to extend range of other RadioLINK devices
Mounting Mounted outside the panel to ensure RF communication
Guarantee 5 years
Temperature Range 0°C to 40°C; 0°C to 35°C (dry area)
Humidity Range 15% – 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Dimensions 88 x 88 x 28 mm
Weight 150g
Performance Designed to comply with EN300220-3

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