Photoelectric Standalone Smoke Detector (Model D-243-6)


DEMCO D-243-6 is a stand-alone smoke detector designed for residential and institutional applications, this modern looking detector is both LPCB Listed and CE Certified. Using advanced photoelectric sensor and latest photoelectric sensing technology, it detects visible particles (associated with smoldering fires) sooner than ionization alarms.

D-243-6 benefits from the Hush function, a notable feature that allows nuisance alarms (such as those caused by cooking or steam) to be temporarily silenced for 9 minutes. This useful feature will allow time for the smoke to dissipate and can be used repeatedly until the air is cleared.

This robust detector also comes with a 9V battery, providing you and your family with protection even during a power outage or failure. Since no wiring work is required, it can be installed in minutes. Equipped with a test button, DEMCO D-243-6 also allows you to test the alarm’s circuitry, sounder and battery function with ease upon installation.

  • Easy to install – install directly to desired location without any wiring.
  • Affordable price.
  • Slim – Low-profile housing.
  • Easy to test – simply press the Test/Hush button for 5 s and the alarm will beep to confirm that it is in working mode.
  • Hush feature – press the Test/ Hush button to temporarily silence the alarm for 9 minutes while in alarm mode, and the red LED will flash once every 9 s before going back to normal standby mode. This feature comes in handy when a known alarm condition such as heavy smoke from cooking is the cause of nuisance alarm.
  • Low battery warning – LED flashes every 30 s and beeps.
Smoke Sensitivity 0.08 – 0.14dB/m
Voltage DC 9V
Standby Current ≤10µA
Alarm Current ≤30mA
Temperature Range -10°C to + 40°C
Humidity ≤95% RH
Alarm Sound Level 85db/3m
100mm (dia) x 37mm (ht) with base
125g with base and a 9V battery

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