Photoelectric Standalone Smoke Detector (Model D-243)


DEMCO D-243 trio of Smoke Detectors are high-quality, robust electronics designed for reliability, to ensure early detection and warning from hazardous smoke and fire.

These detectors incorporate 9V battery powered photoelectric detection technology and alarm functions within a single unit, which reliably detects smoke from smouldering fires – the most common and highest risk type of fire in residential environments.

A notable point of the D-243 smoke detectors is the Hush feature which enables you to temporarily desensitize the circuit and silence the detector for 8 minutes when dense smoke, vapors and steam from cooking trigges the alarm. This useful feature will allow time for the smoke to dissipate and can be used repeatedly until the air has been cleared.

The D-243 smoke detectors with high immunity against nuisance alarms provide home owners and installer with an easy-to-install yet economical solution ideal for any residential environment.

  • Easy to install – install directly proper location without any wiring required.
  • Slim – Low-profile housing
  • Easy to test – simply press the Test/Hush button for 5s and the alarm sound to confirm that it is in normal working mode.
  • Hush feature – press the Test/Hush button to temporarily silence the alarm for 8 min. while in the alarm mode, and the red LED will flash every 8s before auto-reset. This feature comes in handy when a known alarm condition such as heavy smoke from cooking is the cause of the nuisance alarm.
  • Battery missing indicator – prevents the unit from being installed without the battery.
  • Low battery warning – unit emits a short audible signal every 32s for at least 30 days.
Smoke Sensitivity 0.08-0.14dB/m
Battery Availability Carbon Zinc, Lithium (D-243 and D-243I Only)
Standby Current 8µA
Alarm Current 15mA
Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C
Humidity 0 to 95% RH, no condensation or icing
Alarm Sound Level 85db/3m
Dimension 100mm (dia) x 31mm (ht) with base
Weight 160g with base (9V battery included)

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