Overload Relay


Demco 2001-E is a three poles magnetic type relay with adjustable dashpot. This versatile model has been professionally designed to cater for the needs of circuit breaker and motor overload protection. The three single phase operation coils are directly connected to the load circuit. Under overload condition, the drag of pistons in the dashpot taken place and rise up to trip the switch assembly.

2001-E is designed with ease-of-use and practicality in mind. Current settings can be easily adjusted by screwing the dashpot up or down within its support and are indicated by the arrows on the calibration plate. Time delay is adjusted by changing the different sized holes on the aluminium plate in the piston assembly. This relay can be set up for manual or automatic reset.

To change from manual to auto reset mode, simply unscrew screw ‘A’, remove spacer, press and hold RESET button until the screw is tightened.

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    Technical Details


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