Networkable Addressable Fireman Intercom System (Model D-96001)


The fire fighting telephone system is suitable for communication and dispatching during any fire or emergency in the building. In case of fire alarm at the applicaion site, the site personnel can call the host through extension and contact the control center in time. The operator in the control center can call the extension at the site through the host to know the situation on the site.

DEMCO Networkable Addressable Fireman Intercom System D-96001 is a fully addressable system that is compatible on two bus technology which offer a fast, reliable and high quality telecommunication for any emergency fire control and consists of Fireman Intercom Handset D-96102.

This system is highly capable in anti-interference performance on hardware and software so that it can simply adapt to various complex environements. The host support can communicate up to 3 extensions simultaneously.

  • Convenient for debugging
  • Precise detection measures – Detects short circuit and open circuit of the bus
  • Anti-interference performance – Allow adaptability to various environments
  • Long Service Life
  • Can communicate with 3 extension telephone at the same time
  • Record and Display – calling and answering time
Mains Power
AC 220V (+10%, -15%, 50Hz)
Standby Power Supply External DC24V
Bus Current ≤ 600mA
Frequenct Range 300 ~ 3400Hz
Transmission Attenuation ≤ 5dB
Recording Duration
more than 20 minutes
Length of Bus ≤ 1,500 m
Bus Capacity
Up to 200 code address
Weight ≤ 10kg
Dimensions (mm) 500 x 521 x 13
Working Environment
0~+40°C, RH ≤95%
Line Condition
Extension loop resistance ≤ 300 Ω (exclusive of phone resistance)
Enclosure Material Mild Steel

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