Multisensor Detector (Model 55000-7501IMC)


The Context UL-Plus multisensor detector contains an optical smoke sensor and a thermistor temperature sensor whose outputs are combined to give the final analogue value.

The signals from the optical smoke sensing element and the temperature sensor are independent, and represent the smoke level and the air temperature respectively in the vicinity of the detector. The detector will not respond to a slow temperature increase – even if the temperature reaches a high level. A large sudden change in temperature can, however, cause an alarm without the presence of smoke, if sustained for 20 seconds.

  • Supply voltage from 17 to 28 Volts DC
  • Quiescent current at 500µA average, 750µA peak, surge current at 1mA
  • Two wire supply of polarity insensitive
  • Operating temperature from minimum 0°C to +60°C continuous operating; where minimum operating of -20°C
  • 2 clear LEDs emitting red light as alarm indicator
  • Slow changes in ambient conditions will not affect sensitivity
  • 0% to 95% relative humidity with no condensation or icing
  • IP rating of 43
  • 100mm (Diameter) x 50mm (Height)
  • 105g
Supply Voltage 17-28V DC
Quiescent Current 500µA average, 750µA peak
Surge Current 1mA
Operating Temperature 0°C to +60°C; min -20°C
Humidity (no condensation) 0–95% RH
IP rating 43
Dimensions 100 (D) x 50 (H) mm
Weight 105g

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