Motor Driven Alarm Bell (Model D-132)

(MODEL D-132)

Demco Motor Driven Alarm Bells D-132 are professionally designed to meet the special requirements of alarm/release systems where low power consumption and high sound output is essential. Due to its low current drain, high level sound can be achieved with multiple units on a single 2-wire output circuit.

The simplicity of the design consists of high quality material and heavy duty micro motor with built-in transistor suppression elements ensuring reliability and long life. Designed to meet the tough requirement of EN54-3:2001, Model D-132 are easy to install and capable of operating under most adverse conditions.

  • Plug-in power supply
  • Interchangeable base suitable for surface mounting
  • Two gong sizes – 6 and 8 inches
  • Zero standby current
  • Low current consumption
  • Louder mechanical Resonant Tone
  • Integral RFI suppression to minimize induced noise on the alarm circuit
  • DC Voltage available in 12V and 24V
DC Type Decibel rating @ 1m (3ft)
Voltage Amps 150mm (6″) 200mm (8″)
12 0.05 95 dB 98 dB
24 0.03 95 dB 103 dB
Net/Gross Weight 748/812g 1130/1280g

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