Model Ei 103C


The Ei103C is a Heat Alarm that runs on a 9V battery.

The Ei103C has advanced features such as the ability to interconnect up to twelve alarms to allow all alarms to sound if just one of the interconnected alarms should be triggered.

The Ei103C heat alarm gives a fire warning when the temperature at the unit reaches 580C. Heat alarms are ideal for use in kitchens and garages, where the use of optical or ionisation alarms would lead to unwanted nuisance alarms.is a Heat Alarm that runs on a 9V battery.

The Ei103C is fitted with a warning flag that pops up when the battery is removed. This prevents the cover from closing when there is no battery fitted to the unit. When the battery is being installed or changed, this flag must be held down while gently pushing the battery into the battery holder.

On escape routes this alarm must be interconnected with smoke alarms.

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    • The alarm will activate the built in sounder upon detecting heat that reaches 58ºC.
    • The heat alarm will automatically reset itself and silence the sounder when the temperature drops below the preset level.
    • The built in sounder will provide a minimum sound output of 85dB at 3m
    • The smoke detector will emit a beep every 40 seconds to indicate that the battery back up is depleted and needs replacing.
    • The “Test” button will simulate the effect of heat and tests sensor, electronics and horn-use.
    • Interconnect up to 12 other alarms (9V ionisation, optical or heat) when one senses smoke, all alarm. Helps ensure warning will be heard throughout the house.

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