Magnetic Door Holder (Model D-111/ D-111AC)

(MODEL D-111/ D-111AC)

DEMCO Electromagnetic Door Holders are attractively designed and ruggedly constructed for easy and versatile installation. The contact plate can be adjusted to suit any door angle. These door holders come with a typical holding force of approximately 12–100kg and can hold most type of doors. Ideal for use with self-closing fire and smoke barrier doors.

In application, the device releases the door when signaled by the fire alarm system, which then allows the door closing mechanism to close the door. DEMCO Electromagnetic Door Holders also have a Manual Release Switch to release the door manually or to test the operation of the unit. Each unit is housed in high grade ABS Polycarbonate casing and has a built-in Brass Pin Instant Release that is designed for better reliability and performance.

  • Incorporation of Manual Release Switch.
  • Residual Magnetism Release Brass Pin – for instant release.
  • Customized holding force available upon request.
  • Wide angle rotatable Contact Plate.
  • High holding force.
  • Easy visible access from side and rear.
  • 220/240VAC version is fitted with power fuse.
D-111 D-111 AC
Magnatic Door Holder_12_V5 100 X 100 X 50mm
Size (H x W x D) 15-29V 220-240VAC
Operating Voltage DC 60 mA 8mA@230VAC
Operating Current 1.5 W 2 W
Input Power 588N/60kg/132lbs
Holding Force
Net/Gross Weight 680/730g 690/740g

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