High Heat Temperature Detector (Model D-143)

(MODEL D-143)

The Demco Detector is a heat sensitive electrical switch. It is a fixed temperature device with a factory pre-set temperature 232°C.

The D-143 Detector comprises of normally open electrical contacts mounted within a stainless steel probe. A rise in temperature will cause the contacts to close at the set point temperature. With the drop in temperature the procedure reverses and the contacts re-open below set point temperature.

The detector body is a precision machine from AISI304 Stainless Steel with high corrosion resistance. The operation parts are factor calibrated and sealed against severe environmental condition, further adjustment or calibration is not required.

  • Resetting Type Heat Detector
  • Rate Compensation & Fast Response
  • Thermostat Switches Contacts
  • Corrosion & Shock Resistant
  • Single Mounting Thread
  • Thermocouple Wires
Model D-143
Contacts NO, NC on temperature rise
Applied Voltage AC 32V max
Applied Voltage DC 32V max
Operating Current 0.25A max
Operating or Set Temperature Range 232°C
Ambient Temperature Range (cont. exposure) -10°C to +180°C
Relative Humidity 100%
Weight 190g
Sensitivity and Accuracy ±10% or 10 degrees
Mounting Screw Threads 10Kgm torque max

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