HFC227ea Cylinder


DEMCO’s HFC227ea (CF3CHFCF3 Heptafluoropropane) is a UL listed colourless, odourless, liquefied compressed gas. It suppresses fire primarily by physically cooling down the flame through lowering temperature to a point at which combustion reactions cannot be sustained.

As a waterless fire suppressant, it leaves no residue, water or corrosion. It has acceptable toxicity for use in occupied spaces at design concentration.

It can be used on many types of fires. It is environmentally friendly. It has zero ozone-depleting potential, low global warning potential and short atmospheric lifetime.

  • Engineered and pre-engineered systems available
  • Effective and fast fire suppres- sion against electrical fire
  • Widely applicable, from sensitive electrical equipment to industrial applications using flammable liquid
  • Electrically non – conductive
  • Acceptable toxicity for use in occupied and concentrated spaces
  • No residue to clean up after dis- charge and environmentally friendly
  • Whole systems UL listed
Model Number Cylinder Size Max. fill at 70lb/ft3 Min. fill at 30lb/ft3 Valve Size
CP90035-E 35 LB 35 LB 16 LB 1″ Valve
CP90070-E 70 LB 71 LB 31 LB 1″ Valve
CP90150-E 150 LB 152 LB 69 LB 1 1/2″ Valve
CP90250-E 250 LB 253 LB 109 LB 1 1/2″ Valve
CP90375-E 375 LB 379 LB 163 LB 2 1/2″ Valve
CP90560-E 560 LB 561 LB 241 LB 2 1/2″ Valve
CP901200-E 1200 LB 1211 LB 519 LB 4″ Valve

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