Heat Detector (Model D-133-2)


DEMCO Heat Detector D-133-2’s new sensor design incorporates an internal pulsing LED as well as an advanced solid-state, low-voltage, surface-mount circuitry specially designed for 2-Wire installation using the D32003 and D34003 universal bases. The detector head can be easily installed onto the base with a simple twist-lock action.

  • Certification/Listing-UL and CE.
  • Advanced detection and discrimination algorithms.
  • Advanced solid-state, low-voltage, surface-mount circuitry.
  • Easy installation, testing and maintenance.
  • Sleek low-profile housing design.
  • Flashing LED in standby mode.
  • Robust and reliable sensor head.
  • Two red LEDs to allow 360-degree viewing.
Model Voltage DC (Max./Min.) Standby Current (Max.) Alarm Current )12/24V) Surge Current (Max.) Temperature Rating Permissible Current (Max.) Frequency Base Model No. Safety
D-133-2 10.8~33V 40μA 20/50mA 100μA 135ºF/57ºC 80 mA 1-3 Sec. D32003 UL/CE
D-133-2L 10.8~33V 40μA 20/50mA 100μA 135ºF/57ºC 80 mA 1-3 Sec. D34003 UL/CE

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