Heat Detector (Model D-103)


DEMCO Heat Detectors D-103/D-103-3 employ the principle of electrothermodynamics, the science of relation between heat and electromechanical works. They are professionally designed to work reliably with most fire detection system with central control equipment. These units feature a double stage fire detection by employing two distinct methods: Rate-of-Rise and Fixed Temperature, both of which are open circuits designs designed to close an electrical circuit open activation. The DEMCO D-103/D-103-3 Heat Detectors meet the requirement of UL521. Read More

  • Double Sensitivity (Rate-of-Rise and Fixed Temperature)
  • Interchangeable base
  • Easy installation
  • Double terminal wire connector
  • LED indication
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide voltage variation
  • Auto Reset (Rate-of-Rise mode)
  • Durable
Supply Voltage 12-28V DC
Standby Current Nil
Alarm Current 1.5mA
Size (Ø) x (H) 78 X 55 mm
Net Weight 92g

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