Electronic Solenoid (Model CP 50052-2/CP 91225-2)

(MODEL CP 50025-2/ CP 91225-2)

Our Electronic solenoid valve is a normally closed valve requiring electrical energy to open. It is used to vent the pressure from the top of the piston in the cylinder valve, allowing the piston to slide upward and commence cylinder discharge. The electric solenoid valves are available in 6, 12, 24V DC and 120V AC.

The source of the electrical energy must be supervised for a break in the wiring, a ground or a short circuit. The cylinder discharge valve equipped with a solenoid valve is actuated by the control panel for releasing devices and is compatible with Context Plus clean agent systems.

  • Available in 6, 12, 24V DC and 120V AC
  • Simple installation to the system
  • Modern Design
  • Long Lasting
Part Number Electrical Rating
CP 50025-2 24V DC 0.32Amps
CP 91225-2 1,200 LB. 24V DC

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