4-Tone Sounder (Model D-145)


DEMCO Electronic Sounder D-145’s compact design is acoustically very efficient, capable of generating high sound output at low current levels. Both models have a wide angle uniform sound distribution providing good audibility in all directions, thus making them ideal for fire, security and hazard warning. These conventional wall mount devices are available in 4 alarm tones (DC) with locally controllable output levels capable of adjusting the sound intensity to suit intended application. Both D-145 and D-145WP operate over a wide input voltage range, and if required, a second stage alarm can be switched to override the selected tone by using a third wire. These versatile features allow both models to work seamlessly with most detection systems incorporating central control equipment.

Combining performance and functionality, DEMCO D-145 and D-145WP are designed to be fully comply with EN54 and if you need additional protection for your outdoor applications there are always IP65 rated D-145WP at your disposal. For general purpose applications, AC version of these beautiful looking devices are available as D-145AC albeit in 3 alarm tones.

  • Available in ABS or polycarbonate body *
    with polycarbonate Freznel lens.**
  • Automatic sounder synchronization. Adjustable volume control screw.
  • High sound output, low current consumption.
  • 4 On-board selectable tones.
  • High brightness LED.
  • Fully EN54 compliance.
Sounder (D-145)
Lowest Highest
Output @ 1 metre 24VDC 68dB 100dB
Current @ 24VDC: 6mA 13mA
Voltage Range DC 9 – 28VDC
Voltage AC 230V AC (D-145AC and D-155AC)
Operating Frequency 800Hz to 1000Hz
Number of Tones 4 Alarm Tones • 3 Alarm Tones (D-145AC and D-155AC)
Volume Control Adjustment Screw
Operating Temperatures -20°C to +70°C
Size (H x W x D) 100 X 95 X 99mm
Protection Classification IP55 (D-145) • IP65 (D-145WP)
Approximate Weight 160g (D-145) • 230g (D-145WP)
206g (D-145AC)

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