10 Zone Master Call Controller


Compatible with C-TEC’s entire range of 800 Series field devices.

Housed in an attractive surface mounting plastic enclosure measuring just 214mm x178mm
Two call levels – standard (constant tone) and emergency (intermittent tone).
Optional mute and call accept/reset buttons.

Call Accept’ functionality allows staff to send an intermittent call acknowledgment signal to calling zones to confirm help is on the way (dependent on wiring and field devices used).

Includes a 12V 300mA PSU and 2volt-free relay contacts which activate ona standard or emergency call. Innovative slide-in labelling system.

Zones can be wired in 4 or 6 core (7/02) stranded security cable.

Additional master controllers and expansion units available for use as repeaters on larger sites.

Optional boxed PSUs c/wwith space for a 12V VRLA battery available for sites where a standby battery facility is required.


Mains supply
230V 50/60Hz. (36mA max. current).
Internal power supply
11V d.c. (300mA max. current when powered by Mains).
Quiescent current 0mA (none).
Alarm current
Determined by the number/type of field devices connected to the call controller/system.
Auxiliary relays
2 volt free relay contacts (NO/C/NC). Activate when a standard or emergency call is received by the controller. Both relays rated at 30V d.c. @ 1A.
Auxiliary inputs
External PSU Input: 9V-15V d.c. @ 400mA (suitable for use with an BF560-12 12V 2A boxed PSU which has space available for a 12V 7AH battery).
Green Power on LED; 10 x red Zonal Alarm LEDs (lit steady for a Standard call, pulse for an Emergency call); Internal buzzer (on steady for any Standard call, intermittent for any Emergency call).

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